Who Is Running the Lottery?

Lotteries in Ontario are strictly controlled by the Provincial Government. The Alcohol Gaming Commission of Ontario has strict rules and regulations covering the selling of tickets and the distribution of proceeds that guarantee the integrity of a lottery.

The Rotary of KW Catch The Ace lottery is a joint project of the 5 Rotary Clubs in Kitchener and Waterloo. The lottery license holder is the Kitchener Conestoga Rotary Club - Community Aid Fund. The Catch The Ace lottery was created to support three charitable foundations, namely: the Grand River Hospital Foundation, the St. Mary’s Hospital Foundation and the KidsAbility Foundation. More information is available at rotaryofkw.ca

Computer services that perform the administration activities are provided by Ascend Fundraising Solutions. This organization has helped charities raise over $750 million using their services.

Please email any questions you may have to rotary@catchtheacekw.com

How do you play?

It's easy!

  1. Select a card.
  2. Purchase your tickets to the weekly draw
  3. If you win the weekly draw, your card will be revealed. If your card is the Ace of Spades, you win the progressive jackpot as well as the weekly jackpot.
  4. If your card is not the Ace of Spades, the progressive jackpot keeps growing.


  • Buy your tickets every week and try to Catch The Ace!
  • The Progressive Jackpot gets larger and your odds of Catching the Ace increase in each draw.
  • The Progressive Jackpot grows every day and every week
  • Get the details about Weekly Prize winners at catchtheacekw.ca

Are my tickets automatically entered in every draw?

Your tickets are eligible to win in the week you purchased the tickets.

Do overturned cards stay overturned?

Yes, each week the weekly winner’s card is revealed. As more cards are overturned the odds increase of the Ace of Spades being chosen.

Can multiple people select the same card?

Yes. However only one person has the winning ticket each week.

After 52 Weeks, if there is only one card left, is that weekly winner the winner of the progressive jackpot?

Absolutely! In week 52 the Ace of Spades will be the only card that has not been overturned. The winner of that weekly draw will also win the progressive jackpot!

Is Catch The Ace the same game as Chase the Ace?


How is the prize split?

Weekly ticket proceeds are split into three amounts:

  • 20% for the Weekly Prize jackpot
  • 30% for the Progressive Catch the Ace
  • 50% to the charity

What kind of deck is used?

A standard 52 card deck is used.

How do you generate the ticket numbers?

Ticket numbers are generated via an automated process upon completion of your order.

When will I receive my ticket numbers?

Once your order has been processed you will receive an email containing a summary of your order and your tickets number(s).

What if I do not receive an email with my numbers?

If you have not received an email with your numbers, please email rotary@catchtheacekw.com

How is the weekly winning ticket selected?

The winning ticket is selected from the pool of tickets purchased in the current week using a computer-based, random number generator.

Do I have to be present at the contest drawing to win?

No. All contest winners will be notified via email and phoned shortly after the draw.

What should I do if I believe I have a winning ticket?

Check back each week to see the winner of the weekly draws and to see if the winner’s chosen card. If you believe you have the winning ticket, contactrotary@catchtheacekw.com

Is my payment secure?

The security of your transaction is our number one priority. Technically, we use an extended validation secure socket layer connection with cutting-edge 256-bit encryption to secure your data. We also employ the most secure encryption available and support both SHA-1 and SHA-2 algorithms. With 2048-bit encryption used in our root certificates, our hybrid cryptosystem benefits from the best features of both symmetric and asymmetric encryption. Yes, your transaction is secure!

What methods of payment do you accept?

We currently accept Visa and MasterCard. We do not accept debit, cash, cheques, money order or PayPal at this time.

Who receives the proceeds of the lottery?

Proceeds are divided equally between the St. Mary’s General Hospital Foundation, the Grand River Hospital Foundation and the KidsAbility Foundation.

How can I buy tickets?

Tickets must be purchased online. Click here to order now! Tickets are delivered via email.

The site blocks me from purchasing but I am located in Ontario.

The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario requires participants to be located in Ontario at the time of purchase. To confirm your Ontario location you must have location permissions enabled on the device you are using to purchase tickets. You must enable location detection before purchasing tickets. If your issue persists please contact rotary@catchtheacekw.com.